About us

My Story

I am Daniyal, founder of the My Newborn Care website. I have always loved babies very much and my dream was to one day open a baby store, so naturally I have done a lot of research about babies and the products that they need to have an easygoing childhood. Many of these baby products on my store I have tested with my friends and families babies, and they loved it. I know you will too.

My Passion

My passion, my mission, and what I get enjoyment out of doing is helping people. Because of this, I will always make sure to give you the highest quality of items as it will help you and your family happy.

My Goal

My goal is to keep my customers happy. I know that if you order from Newborn Care I will make sure that your child and you have a smooth and easygoing experience.

Best Baby Products

In Newborn Care, you will never be disappointed because we have the best and most trending baby products.


Daniyal Syed